This past year challenged many businesses to change the way they work, streamline their process and review the way they interact with their customers. In the face of problematic business environment caused by the pandemic, increased efficiency became a primary goal. According to our readers, when it comes to customer relationship management integration, WhatsApp web application took the top spot among similar solutions. It allows businesses to engage with their customer base when appropriate and convenient, and the whole interaction can be initiated right from our application.

Key Takeaways:

  • SMS-Magic is great as it allows you to deliver a personal touch to your customers via a messaging service.
  • Mailchimp is great as it allows you to use email marketing and will help you improve your conversion rates.
  • Shopify allows you to track purchases that your customers make through Zoho CRM just by adding those shoppers as contacts.

“Check out these 10 tried, tested, and loved sales tools that can help you bring your A-game, boost productivity, and rake in sales to maximize your results in 2021.”

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