The internet is full of fluff information given generic advice on Facebook Ad optimization. Here are 12 hacks that actually give results. One of these is optimizing your ads to use an existing post that already has many likes. This shows credibility and gets more people engaged. After this you can try using fast take off which means setting up a budget larger than planned so that you get more impressions. As long as you don’t use accelerated delivery you can go back and change your budget back to the original once you get impressions.

Key Takeaways:

  • The early and fast bird is the one that finds and gets the juiciest worm. Optimization hacks make this happen. Easy fixes like get a Facebook pixel can help.
  • Don’t turn away from the seemingly easy advice. Take it. Develop a Facebook audience. Use pay per click ads. Increase your likes and shares.
  • One great way to up your existing shares and likes is to use Facebook’s use the existing post option.

“If you want to reach all your target audience members and outpace your competition, you’ll need to optimize your campaigns both before and after publishing them on Facebook.”

Read more: https://adespresso.com/blog/10-facebook-ad-optimization-hacks-for-massive-success/