SME developers know how confusing and intricate planning system is. Although it seems like something that cannot be navigated at times, planners are usually very persistent and have a strong drive to succeed. One of the biggest obstacles for a project to be successful are expectations of the landowners. Managing those expectations is a very useful skill. Project can be very ambitious, but that does not mean you should not be realistic about its timeline. When you consider a site, there’s usually more than one answer as to what the purpose of the site should be.

Key Takeaways:

  • Landowner expectations are the biggest issue that comes with development and ousting delivery as they want unfair deals.
  • It is great to be ambitious with regards to your projects but if you aren’t realistic with the amount of time the project will take, it’s going to fail.
  • If you aren’t the right person for a job you can still make a cut of money by referring it to another developer.

“So here are five things I wish every SME developer knew to make their life easier.”

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