There are quite a few software packages serving as tools that help you manage relationships with your customers. They have core similarities, but also many different features and the way they integrate with other tools. Selecting the appropriate package for your business can be challenging. When going through selection process, it is important to define what your business needs right now and to align your marketing strategy with what package can provide in the future. Only by doing this will you be able to fully utilize the potential of CRM suite.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hubspot is a CRM that combines marketing, sales and service into one hub and helps give a business analytics as well as insight into customer relationships.
  • Microsoft dynamics allows you to get your resource planning via the cloud and helps you manage your relationships via mobile device.
  • Zoho is a CRM that’s fully cloud based and gives many different features such as analytics, lead management and workflow automation.

“In this blog post, we’ll review seven of the best CRMs on the market to help you narrow your search as well as offer use cases for each tool to provide insight into some of the many ways you may use your CRM.”

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