You want to start off by looking for motivated sellers. Sellers with energy are going to get you many more deals. You’ll want to make an offer every time the option is on the table. Even if you think a deal is either too far fetched or even too good to be true, it will still be beneficial to have possible deals ready to go. Ask questions of your sellers and allow them to feel heard. You may find that they have problems that you uniquely can solve.

Key Takeaways:

  • We looks for problems that we can help solve with the seller so that both walk away with a win-win.
  • You want to listen when working with motivated sellers so that they feel heard and you can walk away with valuable information.
  • Always make an offer so there is no missed opportunities even when you doubt the situation or think things are too good to be true.

“We want to find great deals where we can help the seller and we can also get a great deal as well. Now that links into success principle number four. One of the ways of getting people to open up is by asking great questions and listening to what they say.”

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