About Us


Skrumpt is the UK’s leading Deal Packaging Software tool. Deal Packaging is the process of sourcing and selling a property that you don’t own but have an interest in for cash profits. Skrumpt CRM is the only software tool on the market that has been developed solely around the needs of the modern-day property investor. The genesis behind this software is built upon doing exclusive, off-market, direct-to-ventor deals directly with motivated sellers – which is where the most jaw-dropping deals can be found.

The brand name Skrumpt has been taken from children who 20 years ago or so would climb 18 feen fences to ‘scrump’ for apples in the fields. In those days kids would have to look at lots of bad apples before they found a good one – and this completely innocent process has been implemented into Skrumpt CRM
Skrumpt CRM allows the Property Investor, Deal Packager, Deal Sourcer, or Property Negotiator to build real or virtual teams and to automate or systemise their entire property onboarding process.

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