If you don’t have a Follow-Up-System, you’re leaving thousands of pounds on the table – each month.

Specialist Property CRM that helps Property Sourcers, Deal Packagers, & Property Investors flip UNSELLABLE properties.

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Automate Your Motivated Seller Pipeline

Make £4,000 – £20,000 per month Flipping Properties

Understand Your Key Performance Indicators

Laser-Target Your Ad Spend & Get More Deals for Less Money

Scale Your Business with Real or Virtual Sales Teams

Build an In-House Negotiation Salesforce

Sell Leads & Deals

Make £2,000 – £10,000 Per Deal Even If You Have No Investor List

Become A Fully- Compliant Deal Packager

  • Fully NCA Compliant – NCA Reporting
  • Fully AML Compliant – AML Reporting
  • Fully SAR Compliant – SAR Reporting

Automate Your Sales Pipeline

  • Scale Your Deal Packaging System & Team
  • Assign A Specialist Deal Processor (to Close Deals)
  • Implement Your Own Follow-up-Reminder System
  • Outsource or Bring In-House Due Diligence Or Negotiator Teams

Sell Deals Directly Even Without An Investor List

  • Earn Cash By Selling Leads
  • Earn Cash By Selling Deals
  • No Need For Your Own Investor Clients
  • Make Money Even Without Your Own Negotiations Team

Automatically Drive Motivated Sellers From Other Platforms

  • Automate From Facebook
  • Automate From WordPress Site
  • Automate From Your Website
  • Automate From Or To Over 3,000 Web Applications

Powerful Email Autoresponder

  • Resuscitate ‘Old’ Leads In Bulk
  • Entice Motivated Sellers To Contact You
  • Create £2,000 per Month Out Of ‘Dead’ Deals
  • Personalise Emails Using Seller Data

Share Deals With Your Armchair Investor Clients

  • Send A PDF Brochure To Your Armchair Investor Clients For Discussion
  • Send A Link Brochure To Your Armchair Investor Clients For Discussion
  • Use Branded Templates To Promote Your Deals & Your Business

Over 300 Deal Packaging Companies Use Skrumpt:


“We’re doing a lease option using Skrumpt - £1 for a £600,000 property that will net us £4,000 per month cashflow. The ability to follow-up with the seller was essential for us during lockdown – so Skrumpt helped us close this deal.”


Sean Eastwood
Goldstone Properties

Deal Processing & Milestone Progressions

  • Visual Deal Tracking, Processing & Milestone Progressions
  • Appoint Case Management Specialist For Deal Processing
  • Work With Solicitors, Freeholders, Buyers, & Other Professionals In One Interface

The Only Option For Creative Property Dealmaking

  • Lease Options & Assisted Sales
  • Rent-to-Rents
  • Below Market Value Purchases
  • Long-Stop Completions & Exchange With Delayed Completions
  • Estate Agency Transactions
  • Commercial Property
  • Land & Developments

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