If you have squatters, it can be a very difficult situation but it is still possible to sell your home. Squatters are people who use an unused or abandoned property as their home without permission from the owner. The first step to selling your home if you have squatters is to know the law so you can avoid any issues with the squatters. Next you should talk to the police and try to get them to remove the squatters. If that fails you will have to begin the eviction process by getting an eviction notice and then possibly starting a unlawful detainer lawsuit if they still refuse to leave.

Key Takeaways:

  • Squatters are people who come to an unused or abandoned property and make it their own. It’s illegal but there are many loopholes that protect them.
  • If you want to sell your house that has squatters, make sure to inform the police that someone is using your property without permission.
  • Start the eviction process by first giving an eviction notice and then filing an unlawful detainer lawsuit again them if they still refuse to leave.

“Though people may often confuse squatting and trespassing, these are two different things.”

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