It’a unclear whether potential customers know what virtual viewing is or what its benefits are. Social media can be used to educate them and set yourself apart from other agents. Raising awareness of the “virtual first” approach is a long-term project, not just limited to the duration of the pandemic. Virtual viewings reduce unneeded travel, which is both more convenient and greener. Smart Viewing allows for escorted viewing of the property, enabling the agent to bring the property to life in a responsive manner.

Key Takeaways:

  • Virtual viewings allow convenience and safety during these hard time. Your customers definitely want to know what options are available.
  • Explaining or writing articles on social media about Virtual Smart Tours will boost your brand and make buyers feel comfortable with you.
  • We allow you to see how one seller is putting this into action by showcasing a LinkedIn Page with all the details.

“Offering Smart Viewing also enables an escorted viewing; not all potential buyers are comfortable using a naked 360 tour on the portal and that approach precludes you from really bringing a property to life for a buyer beyond the listing information and be responsive to them if you feel other properties would be of interest to them.”

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