The world has changed a lot in the past year, as they always do, but more so this year especially when it comes to property. Property managers are already noticing that more people want homes that have gardens and balconies. They also want a space that is more private instead of communal. People also want to be able to interact with your brand before interacting with you. SEO and social media can really assist you in reaching the right people for your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • The past twelve months have lead to changes that nobody could have predicated happening.
  • Since the lockdown, there is a greater demand for homes with balconies and gardens.
  • You will also want to decide how you will provide a service even without the pandemic.

“With restrictions on outdoor movement and exercise set to continue well into 2021, understanding buyer needs and marketing your properties in terms of how they meet them will be vital.”

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