Staging is a great way to make your house look appealing to prospective buyers. You can do it yourself or hire professional help. It should help you go through house sale with less stress, in what is usually an emotional experience. As you add accents to your space, you may wonder what are the things you should hide. Make your space less personal by putting away photos, especially the ones showing your family members. Diplomas and awards are also something that no one else will be attached to. Finally, religious items, while sacred to you may be a turn off for some buyers.

Key Takeaways:

  • You’ll want to hide family photos so the potential buyer can picture themselves in the home while avoiding distraction.
  • You’ll want to put away religious or political items so this doesn’t play into their buying decision.
  • Any pets should be away from the home and the house should ideally be cleaned of potential allergens.

“Of course, you should think about keeping your home clean, putting a jar of cookies on the table and using a nice air freshener. A lot of homeowners do that. What they usually forget is to remove personal items while staging.”

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