The more densely populated areas of Oldham are the ones that are selling better because there is a lot of rich culture there. There are some more rural areas of Oldham that isn’t in the middle of the city that some might choose to live in. It is rich with culture and there is an art museum that a lot of people would be interested in visiting. The area is also good for investing if it is not somewhere you actually want to call home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Even thought Oldham is very densely populated, there are some areas that are very rural.
  • There is a lot of culture in Oldham as well, there is an art museum that is good while exploring.
  • There is a rental demand in Oldham because it is an attractive place to visit and live.

“Today the main industries in Oldham are light manufacturing, advanced manufacturing, health, construction, retail, distribution/logistics and business services.”

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