Facebook has added an ads feature to Facebook Messenger, and it’s beneficial to learn how to best utilize this new feature. The first new feature will allow people to easily message you and reach out to your business. You can also create a sponsored ad post, which will allow your ad to be featured in the Messenger feed of your potential audience. Facebook Messenger ads stand out from the usual noise on people’s feeds. It piques a level of curiosity that other ads do not.

Key Takeaways:

  • One type of FaceBook Messenger Ad is also called a click-to-message ad which will get customers to talk to you.
  • The placement ads are directly in the Facebook Messenger chat and work just like any other sponsored advertisement.
  • You want your ads to draw attention to having a conversation clearly. These allow for a very unique type of bonding with customers.

“There are two types of Facebook Messenger Ads, and it’s important to understand the difference in function of each. While they can have some overlap and similar goals, they ultimately serve two completely different purposes.”

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